What’s the issue with Workforce Development

Since the 1950’s, organizations have used a version of the same industrial “assembly line” workforce development solution. This solution has remained largely stagnant while the people, culture, and technology have grown in complexity. In talking with over 200 c-suite and political leaders from across the country nearly all listed workforce development among their top 3 unsolved organizational problems.


Must be engaged regardless of location, status, or background.


Must acknowledge and embrace critical importance of blue collar, white collar, and new-collar careers in the workforce


Must be seen as a tool not a solution for workforce development

Which of these key areas of workforce development are of greatest concern to you and your organization?

Todd Smith


Originally form St. Paul, MN, Todd brings 25 years of Information Technology, Consulting and Educational organizational leadership to Symphony. His work in all 50 states revealed a common burden. The conclusion was simple: In order for America to succeed, industry must initiate a nourish authentic and mutually beneficial relationships across the talent development spectrum.

John Batcher

EVP of Strategy

A serial entrepreneur and true farm boy at heart, John brings over 20 years of cross-industry experience to the symphony leadership team. He serves with a relationship-centered approach and specializes in architecting and executing strategies that are primarily focused on talent development, sustainable profitability, innovation, risk management, and business process alignment.

Skip Hanson

EVP Business Performance

An accomplished C-Suite Executive, Skip brings 27 years of driving growth, productivity and transformation in customer experience and technology to Symphony. Through a heart-based leadership style, Skip enjoys building and leading teams that value the input, strengths and intelligence of all, creating stronger communities, smarter organizations and even healthier cultures.

Symphony Workforce Development was born out of our collective experience with each of the above problem areas of workforce development. Our subject matter expertise, faith in people, and decades of experience in workforce development allow us to uniquely address these dynamic problems with equally dynamic, data-driven workforce solutions.