A web-based, gamified mentoring platform for growing brand recognition and affinity with your region’s young, potential workforce.

Symphony orchestrates authentic, high frequency relationships between your organization, regional youth, and the broader educational community. Using our secure Find Your Genius SGI platform we facilitate a holistic, consistent connection between youth in grades 5-12, trade schools, community colleges, and 4-year universities and your organization.

Benefits of the Find Your Genius platform:

  • Provides high frequency, real-time access to relevant groups of young people
  • Regularly positions your brand in front of these groups through well-designed industry challenges (3-7 days in length)
  • Facilitates access to:
    • 98,000 high school career and technology education students
    • 30,000 engineering/4H students
    • 14,000 mechatronics, welding, construction, and automotive students
  • Provides data driven feedback on prospective hires
  • Engages current employees and retirees from your business serve as virtual mentors, along with regional post secondary facility/students, to evaluate and iterate with student teams.
    Conducts soft-skills assessments with each industry challenge.
    Gain insights to better inform decisions specific to branding, recruitment, retention, and evolution of your culture.

“Roughly 65% of paid interns and 39% of unpaid interns go to work as high functioning employees for said employer.” – Randstad Companies

Find Your Genius SGI pre and post-challenge self-assessment, peer assessment, and final output: