Strategic discovery and planning to transform your workforce.

An organization’s bottom line, workforce, and culture-positive growth is only sustainable through the alignment of its high performing Executive Leadership Team. Symphony’s Ovation Planning® process is designed to facilitate a holistic exploration of the entire organization with the C-Suite stakeholders focusing on workforce development opportunities. Leveraging knowledge gained from the Ovation Planning® sessions, Symphony helps orchestrate a plan for holistic organizational transformation. The plan details a methodology that aligns executive leadership teams to strategy and culture across the entire organization in support of agreed upon workforce development efforts.

The benefits of Ovation Planning include:

  • Authentic engagement of your people and those you seek to attract
  • Formation and maturation of a high performing executive leadership team
  • Clarity of business and workforce priorities
  • Consistent communication of identified priorities across the organization
  • Reinforcement and clarity in new and existing business processes

Ovation Planning Process

Strategic Transformation and Implementation Methodology