Talent Development and Augmentation

Symphony Workforce Development recognizes that all organizations have a continually evolving portfolio of initiatives representing table stakes, competitive advantages, and opportunities for innovation.  When clients lack the employee talent necessary to keep their organizations moving forward, we help strategically augment and empower their teams to ensure on-time, on-budget success. Our holistic approach also ties current company initiatives and teams to young, future talent through Cadence Online®.  This approach builds an organization’s brand recognition among the potential employees of tomorrow while bringing fresh innovation to the current portfolio of projects. Lastly, through Symphony Finale® we drive knowledge transfer by connecting employees in or nearing retirement to the organization’s current employees and to young people who comprise the organizations future workforce creating high-impact outcomes.

Benefits of workforce augmentation through Symphony’s Trio Talent Strategy:

  • Independent contract relationships
  • Contract-to-Hire opportunities
  • Direct hire placements
  • Facilitates the retention of knowledge of key talent nearing retirement
  • Attract and retain talent who are a proven fit with your organization
  • Reduce project costs
  • Increase on-time project delivery
  • Flexible project cost allocation (CapEx/OpEx)
  • Scale your workforce to meet business demand and regulatory deadlines
  • Adapt your workforce to variable economic cycles
  • Appeal to talented “gig workforce” workers seeking flexibility and regular career change